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Buy Topsoil Near Me

Saunders Landscape Supply sells local native topsoil, compost, Orgro, manufactured organic compost and organic topsoil with FREE delivery in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Order online or by phone for FREE delivery right to your driveway!

buy topsoil near me


Bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other microscopic organisms thrive in topsoil. In fact, a teaspoon of it can contain 1 billion bacteria. They eat the organic matter and minerals and convert them into nutrients for the plants. Their byproducts keep the soil porous by binding everything into particulates that crumble easily.

Lastly, add your grass seeds liberally and lay a small amount of topsoil over the seeds to prevent them from blowing away. Water daily for a couple weeks. With your new fertile layer of topsoil, you should get a lush lawn growing quickly.

Our topsoil works great for filling in depressions in your lawn. For small depressions, you can just lay it down and rake it out evenly. For deeper depressions, you need to use a shovel to lift the sod out, then add the topsoil in, mixing it thoroughly with the soil underneath and lay the sod back down when you think the area is level.

Our organic topsoil is topsoil fortified by our special blend of compost. Our process adds even more organic matter into it. Since the organic topsoil has an extra kick to it, you can use it as a soil amendment on its own, overseed your lawn with it or plant a garden in it.

Organic topsoil makes for a great soil amendment. Use our calculator to determine how much you need and place your order. It will probably be there (delivered for FREE) by the next day. Lay the it over the soil you want to supercharge. Then work it in with a tiller or garden hoe.

Next, spread our organic topsoil about an inch deep over your lawn. One inch should be shallow enough to let your current lawn grow through. Any more than that, and you risk suffocating your current lawn.

Place your compost bin in a sunny spot near where you want to spread the finished compost. The bacteria will gorge themselves on your compost, heating the pile up to possibly 150 degrees Fahrenheit! They need oxygen to reproduce, so you must turn your pile with a shovel to expose new parts of the pile to oxygen. Break up large particles to make the decomposition process happen quicker.

Texas Black Screened (TBS) is a topsoil composed primarily of a dark colored clay and some loam. The soil is passed through a screen to remove debris. This is a locally recycled product and should not be used for planting. TBS is primarily used as a fill dirt or to level low spots.

Delivery turnaround time is generally two days. Plan your weekend deliveries further out, especially during the busy Spring season For additional information, visit our Delivery page. If you have any questions, just give call the location nearest you.

We offer a range of soil, mulch, gravel, and compost products to cater to your different needs. You can opt for bulk topsoil delivery, receiving the soil you need at your doorstep. Buy garden soil in bulk to save money and make farming convenient, fulfilling your short-term and long-term requirements. Browse our range of products to make your choice.

The cost of new topsoil can vary depending on where you purchase it and the quantity you need. The national average cost of topsoil is $600, including professional spreading. Most homeowners spend between $250 and $1,000 for their topsoil needs.

Topsoil is an essential part of any landscaping project. The typical range of a topsoil project falls between $250 and $1,000, with the national average being $600 for standard-size garden beds, including delivery.

For example, high-quality topsoil free of weed seeds and rich in nutrients will be on the higher end of the price range. Topsoil that is lower quality and contains more rocks, twigs, and other debris will be less expensive.

Larger projects that require organic topsoil at 4 inches deep can cost upwards of $2,000 when you include materials, labor, and delivery. On the other hand, if you need just a small amount of topsoil for a potted plant or small garden flower bed, you can find bags of topsoil at your local home improvement store for $2 to $5 each.

The larger the garden beds, the more topsoil you will need and the higher the project cost will be. Most landscape companies can deliver topsoil to your home, and many will even spread it for an additional fee. On average, homeowners spend between $10 and $50 per cubic yard of topsoil nationwide.

Most garden beds are between 4 and 8 inches deep. One cubic yard of topsoil covers about 80 square feet at 4 inches deep and 40 square feet at 8 inches deep. So, for a typical standard-size lawn of 1,000 square feet, you would need approximately 12.5 cubic yards, or 17 tons, of topsoil to cover the entire lawn at 4 inches deep. This would cost you between $125 and $625 in total.

Unscreened topsoil is the least expensive type of topsoil, as it has not been processed or filtered in any way. This type of topsoil is taken directly from the ground and can contain rocks, sticks, and other debris.

Unscreened topsoil is best used for projects where you will add amendments, such as compost or fertilizer, to the soil. The price tag for unscreened topsoil typically ranges from $10 to $25 per cubic yard.

Screened topsoil has been filtered to remove rocks, sticks, and other debris. This topsoil is ideal for projects where you want a smooth, uniform surface, such as a garden bed or lawn. Screened topsoil typically costs between $20 and $40 per cubic yard.

Organic planting mixes are a type of topsoil that contains compost and other amendments, such as manure or peat moss. This type of topsoil is ideal for raised garden beds, as it provides the perfect environment for plant growth. The average cost of organic planting mix is $30 to $50 per cubic yard.

Landscape mix is a type of topsoil with 50% sand and 50% organic matter. This topsoil is ideal for projects where you need good drainage, such as planting trees or shrubs. Landscape mix typically costs between $25 and $40 per cubic yard.

Screened loam and super loam are types of topsoil that contain a mix of sand, silt, and clay. These types of topsoil are ideal for gardening projects, as they provide the perfect environment for plant growth. The average cost of screened loam is $17 to $25 per cubic yard, while the average price of super loam is $30 to $50 per cubic yard.

Black dirt is a type of topsoil that is high in organic matter. This topsoil is ideal for gardens and lawns, providing the perfect environment for plant growth. The average cost of black dirt is $15 to $25 per cubic yard.

Mushroom compost is a type of topsoil made from decomposing organic matter, such as straw and manure. While mushroom compost is excellent for gardens, it is essential to note that it can be very high in salt content. As a result, mushroom compost needs to be used with caution.

Leaf compost is a type of topsoil that is made from decomposing leaves. Leaf compost is ideal for gardens and lawns, as it helps improve drainage and aeration while providing plant nutrients. The average cost of leaf compost is $15 to $30 per cubic yard.

If you need help with your topsoil project, you can hire a professional to do it for you. For professional spreading and grading services, you can expect to pay $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the size of your project.

If you plan on buying topsoil in bulk, you may be able to get a discount on delivery fees. For example, many companies offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount. Otherwise, you can expect to pay $100 to $200 for topsoil delivery, depending on where you live and how much topsoil you need.

Soil testing is a type of test used to determine the nutrient content of the soil. This information can be used to determine which type of topsoil or amendments you need for your project. Soil tests typically cost between $14.50 and $100 per sample.

Excavation is the process of digging up an area of land. This is often done to remove existing topsoil or to prepare a site for a new construction project. The cost of excavation services is typically $60 to $200 per cubic yard of dirt.

Fill dirt is a type of soil that is lower in nutrients and organic materials than topsoil. It is often used to fill in large holes or to create a level surface for a new construction project. It is comprised of sand, silt, and clay particles. The average cost of fill dirt is $5 to $15 per cubic yard.

Both mulch and topsoil have their benefits but are used for different purposes. Topsoil is applied to garden beds to improve drainage and add nutrients, while mulch is applied on top of the soil to protect plants and help retain moisture. The average mulch cost is $45 to $130 per cubic yard.

If you live in a rural area, you may be able to find topsoil for as little as $10 per cubic yard. However, if you live in a more populated area, such as a city or suburb, the cost of topsoil may be closer to $50 per cubic yard. The main factor that affects topsoil prices is the distance it needs to be delivered.

Topsoil is an essential part of any gardening or landscaping project. It helps retain moisture, provides plant nutrients, and improves drainage. The average cost of topsoil is between $10 and $50 per cubic yard, including delivery charges. 041b061a72

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