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Where To Buy Tres Coronas Wine ((LINK))

Founded in 1870 by Jaime Torres, Bodegas Torres (Miguel Torres SA) is a historical wine growing company located in Pacs, some 4 km (2.5 miles) from Vilafranca del Penedès, where the company has its head office. Torres is the family winery with the most extensive vineyards in the Denomination of Origin (DO) of Penedès[1] and the largest winery in Spain.[2]

where to buy tres coronas wine

They also run the Miguel Torres Chile winery in the Chilean Central Valley, and in the United States (California) where in 1986 Marimar Torres founded Marimar Estate. In Spain outside of the Torres family's native Penedès region, they own vineyards in DO Conca de Barberà,[3] DO Toro, DO Jumilla, DO Ribera del Duero, DOQ Priorat and most recently in DOC Rioja - in the last three areas with new wineries or wineries under construction. Likewise, Torres is also Spain's largest producer of DO wines under its own label, exporting to more than 140 countries.

The 2014 La Mezcla de Rancho, is the blend of Cabernet and old vine Grenache. The beautiful ruby red jewel is a unique expression of the two grapes with a full and pleasant acidic experience to the end. It has 1 year in French oak and 2 years in the bottle before it is released. Both wines are produced organically. Ivette has honed her craft, created a rich natural environment in which to live and do what she most loves doing. In a world run by the clock, Ivette lives with the sun and the moon and the natural cycles. This is reflected in her unique wine and Tres Mujeres invites wine lovers to enjoy this gentle haven where nature is alive and well.

This wine then undergoes a second fermentation process, wherein carbon dioxide becomes trapped in the liquid and forms bubbles. The manufacturers will then leave the wine to mature in the bottle, after which point the yeast is removed. 041b061a72

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